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The most valuable tool for star hunting in France or anywhere else in Europe for that matter. I never leave mine at home and it will direct you to the finest restauranst and hotels..

A brief history of Sam Worthington The restaurant reviewer
When I was approaching what some people call middle age I was born as the Alta ego of another. I started off life as a nightlife writer caterpillering around the streets of Budapest. This was soon after the fall of the wall had turned that city into a haven for party goers. With a background as a Chef, Restauranteur and Publican I naturally gravitated to restaurant critic. In 1992 I jointly produced the first Good Food Guide to Hungary and Budapest. The next year the Good Living Guide (incorporating the Good Food Guide) was written by me, with several able assistants, and this was produced again in 1995.
In early 1994 I had moved from a nightlife/pub/restaurant writer with the Budapest Week, to the dedicated restaurant reviewer for the Budapest Business Journal and later the Warsaw Business Journal as well. I gained a reputation as a man who knew what good food was, enjoyed a drink, or several, and did not mind saying naff was naff even if it upset a few people. My standing for integrity and my clear knowledge of the subject ensured that I was a household name to most ex-pats in Budapest and later Warsaw.
Finally I left the critic business to return, once again, to the business of making and selling the stuff rather than just writing about it. But that did not last long as my Doctors were advising me that long hours and the odd libation were no guarantee of longevity. So I returned once again to what I love best: telling others how to do it: by criticizing them!

Recent news

Have been writing reviews for Angeles City Voice

Including the not so small Piccolo Padre ACs best restaurant


"How to be a Savvy Restrant Reviewer"
is my latest offering. Should have written it years ago!
Details and where to buy in the book section

The site has information on the books I have written and where to buy them. They are varied and not about food. It is the books link I have started a political blog posting my thoughts on politics mainly in the UK. This can be found on

Recently I was asked by an old friend and writing Guru Suzan St Maur to produce an article on writing restaurant reviews. For those interested it is on her website see link

The General
This site
So this site has a section containing some of the articles I wrote back in early to mid Nineties about Eastern Europe when EU membership was forlorn dream. In addition it has a section detailing the best I found in France and just for good measure a few reviews of some of my favorites in the UK. However the building section will be the reviews I have done, and will continue to do, of Restaurants in Bangkok and Thailand.
In addition the restaurant listing section of this site has a 'blog' facility which enables you to add your experiences or comments, so please get involved! I don't mind sensible factual criticism however needlessly critical comments will be removed (I will be the final arbiter!). Unfortunately we have had several idiots posting spam on the blog so now we must ask you to register your email address. I am sorry about this inconvenience but please keep the comments coming.
One final point I do not make myself known when I write a review: sometimes the restaurant knows me, and thus what I may be doing: sometimes after a meal I will ask questions and, in the process, reveal myself: but what I will never ever do is request free food, or drinks, because of who I am! Also that is why there are no pictures of me on this site!


Thanks, Sam
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